How Many Eggs Does a Woman Have?

As we grow older, things change in general. From how we think, speak, and even our choices in life. These are part of our life cycle, like how a girl develops into a woman. It takes a process and a lot of changes to become one. There are a lot of things that change in her body, and she ascends to become a woman. That is the beauty of being a woman. 

Moreover, did you know that women produce 6 million eggs? According to the studies, a woman produces 6 million eggs during fetal development and about 1 million after when they are born. This beautiful cycle of a woman’s body eggs will not stop when they reach the right age. But they will decrease until the time for a girl to menstruate. It will continue to decline every month when they ovulate. They will lose roughly 1000 eggs every month for one egg to ovulate. 

The eggs start to decrease as the girl turns into her womanhood. Approximately 300,000 to 400,000 eggs will remain when a woman reaches puberty age. It is because more than 10,000 eggs die monthly before reaching puberty. 

If women lose about 10,000 eggs a month before puberty and the number of eggs is decreasing yearly, what’s left in us? Eggs will not diminish in our bodies until we reach menopausal age. Even if the number of eggs decreases every month, we will not lose all the eggs that we have in our bodies. 

As we go on with the study and discover ourselves as women, we encounter some questions that may affect our future plans. Some of these questions may include building a family, until what age it will stop decreasing, and many more. These concerns are okay because we value our welfare, and by knowing this, we are gaining more knowledge about our bodies, and we can adjust to it in the long run. 

how many eggs does a woman have

How many eggs does a woman have at every age

We know what we want in our future, and to do that, discovering what we already have to protect it is beneficial. We allow ourselves to know more about who we are. Emotionally, and mentally, but we go deeper than our physical being. But here are some of the questions you may have in your mind, how many eggs does a woman have at every age?

Number of eggs of a woman in their late 20s

Many of us are enjoying life in our 20s. We go party everywhere, travel, and explore life that we did not experience when we were teenagers. During this age, our number of eggs is decreasing still, and it is about 150,000. It is enough if we are planning to conceive at these ages. Moreover, this age is the best time to get pregnant because when we reach our 30s, fertility declines. 

Number of eggs of a woman in their 30s

Most women in this age established their goals and worked on their futures. It is the age where some of us start to decline things that we used to love during our 20s and start planning for the future, like building a family or even looking for the man of our dreams. And within this age, about 120,000 remain in our body. 

The egg counts are few compared to our puberty age and in our late 20s. But the possibility of getting the hopes of conceiving is still there, even though some of us may face some challenges because of the possibility of fertility declines. We need to keep our hopes high because these circumstances are case-to-case bases. Some women say that even if the eggs are already decreasing, they are still having their babies in their mid-30s.

Number of eggs of a woman in their 40s

They say the risk of getting pregnant. There are about 25,000 eggs remaining in our bodies. Thus, we are planning to get pregnant during this age and need to be careful. It is what they call premenopausal age. It is where women at this age are less likely to get pregnant even though they still have 25,000 eggs in their bodies. 

It does not mean that it is no longer possible for them to conceive, but they are more prone to preeclampsia. It is a hypertension disorder that can occur during pregnancy, and other complications may occur later that can affect the fetus. 

Number of eggs of a woman in their 50s

Only 5 of 10 women can get pregnant during this age. It is the age when a woman stops her menstrual cycle and is left with 1,000 eggs in their body. Even though they are healthy, it is not enough to become pregnant. When you reach this age, you will be experiencing different things in your body. It is rare for us to see a woman in their 50s being pregnant because it is a big risk to their health. 

Most women are in menopause at the age of 45 years old and some actually take longer. But nonetheless, during these ages, we need to be more careful in all the activities that we do. It doesn’t matter if we are still capable of bearing children or not. It is important to take care of our health. 

In the end, even with what age we are right now, we need to take care of our health and make sure we are eating the right food. We may have plenty of eggs when we are young and fewer when we get older. Nevertheless, this knowledge helps us understand more about how we can take care of our bodies and the right timing that we are waiting for when we want to get pregnant. 

We may have different experiences in life, and how we are able to discover new things in our bodies, but what’s important is that we know who we are, and what our bodies like, and we know how to deal with them. The number of eggs determines the possibility of us getting pregnant and how healthy we are. Yet, it does not determine what we can be. Be the empowered woman you can be.