Stay Stylish on Summer Rainy Days: Trendy Outfits and Fashion Tips

Many of us want to stay out of our homes on rainy days. We want to sleep in our pajamas and do nothing. That is the dream that we all have in mind during rainy days. We love the idea of doing nothing, but we can only if. We need to continue to hustle to make a living. We can’t splurge ourselves wearing pajamas the whole day, sitting in front of our fireplace, or snuggling in bed. We must get up, make our way to the closets, and choose clothes to wear. 

Even if it is summer and hot, we can’t control the weather when it rains. We only hope for the best for that day. Summer does not mean it is the absence of rain. Rain may occur, and we may feel cold and hot simultaneously. Who does not love the rain and summer? We all love both kinds of weather, but picking out an outfit that will fit both is harder than we imagine, especially for women. We like to wear clothes that are comfortable and fashionable at the same time. 

We don’t want to ruin our day because of the wrong choice of clothes. We like to go out in style. That will make us look confident and beautiful. And, we also want to innovate our old clothes to incorporate with the new ones. It will show the creative side we have. As women, we want to look our best even if the weather is not good. Here are some tips for you to stay stylish on summer rainy days.

Rain (ankle) boots and jeans

stylish on summer rainy days.

No matter the weather, you are safe with these two if you have them in your wardrobe. It would help if you had them in your closet, in case you need more time to pick out which clothes you will have on a particular day. You don’t need to worry about getting your shoes wet whenever you encounter muddy places. These combos are gold for you. You can wear rain boots and pants (jeans). A casual look for a rainy summer day. 

You can pair them with a t-shirt or a polo shirt and tuck them inside your jeans. It will look casual but not trashy. It will still look good and neat even if it is raining and sometimes muddy. 

Trench Coat

A classy-looking outfit that we women must have. You can wear a trench coat whenever you want to look elegant but simple. It is designed for the rainy season, but you can have them in any season. Since trench coats are made from nylon that can be water resistant, you don’t have to worry that you will ruin your day because you are soaking wet. But some trench coats are made of cotton. You can have both in your closet to avoid being torn between the two. You will never know when you will need one on rainy days. 

They are comfortable and will keep you warm in case the sun does not come out, even if it is summer. Because there are days that, even if it is summer, it is super cold on a rainy day. You need at least one of these. 

Leather jackets and combat boots

You can wear combat boots all year round, and leather jackets are the most in-demand clothing during summer. Women these days prefer to have this kind of outfit even if it is not rainy days, but during summer too. This combination will give us confidence in ensuring that we will be soaking wet and still keep warm during the rainy days in summer. 

Don’t hesitate to try this kind of outfit during rainy summer days. It is beautiful, classy, and very comfortable. You can run with them too. You can look active even on the laziest days for some with this fashion you choose. 

Puff Sleeve and leather boots

You can combine these two items in your rainy summer day outfit. If you are planning to look chic and make an entrance that will wow people in your office even if it is raining, you can consider these items. Leather boots because you don’t want your feet dirty wearing open-toe sandals on rainy days. 

Leather boots are the best choice to prevent wet feet and still look confident while walking or busking the alley to your work. You can have leather boots as your alternative if you don’t have rain boots and if the rain is light. And a puff sleeve dress would look good with it since leather boots are slender and sometimes fit. Puffing your outfit will add shapes and dimensions to your fashion for that day. 

Booties, patterned tops, and Suede A-line Skirts

This kind of outfit will look cute. Some women like to have these as their go-to clothes whenever they need more time in their wardrobe. Booties are suitable for all occasions. You can pair them with different kinds of clothing and patterned tops. It will add a layer to your outfit.

Suede A-line Skirts are trending these days because they will emphasize the shape of your legs. It looks vintage, which is popular these days. You can wear all these items and combine them to add color and a different vibe. Remember that what you wear will bring confidence and charisma to your character. 

Floral Dress and Cardigan

A floral Mini Dress can make you stand out. You add character to the day. Instead of being gloomy and lazy, your floral mini dress can add a smile to the people seeing it. There are colors in you, and pair them with a cardigan so you will not feel cold while wearing mini dresses. 

It will look feminine and elegant even if it is raining. You can make people look at you and draw a smile on their faces. You are adding colors to their day, too, not only your day. 


But in the end, you can wear clothes that express who you are and are comfortable wearing them on a rainy summer day. You don’t need to copy any person’s style. You can make your own. Everyone will associate the style and fashion whenever they hear your name or see you. The outfit will bring out your character and mood because as we dress, it is how we like to express ourselves. Dress up who you are.