The 15 Best Asian Models In The World

In the ever-changing world of fashion, diversity and dynamism reign supreme. Models from diverse backgrounds and cultures continually shape the industry, leaving their unique imprints. Among these remarkable individuals, Asian models have emerged as captivating figures, captivating audiences worldwide with their exceptional beauty, versatility, and undeniable talent. Today, we come together to pay tribute and honor 15 extraordinary Asian models who have not only graced numerous runways and campaigns but have also become powerful symbols of representation and inclusivity in the fashion realm.

Prepare to be enthralled as we present a carefully curated list of the 15 most remarkable Asian models of our time, showcasing the industry’s most iconic faces. Each of these individuals possesses breathtaking beauty and unmatched talent, making an indelible impact on the fashion landscape.

Join us as we embark on a journey into the world of these extraordinary individuals who have rightfully secured their place on our prestigious list.

Liu Wen

Liu Wen, known as the “first Asian supermodel,” has left an indelible mark on the fashion industry. Her groundbreaking achievements include being the first Asian model to grace the prestigious Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and becoming a global ambassador for Estée Lauder. Liu Wen’s extraordinary features and remarkable career have solidified her status as an iconic symbol of Asian beauty.

Fei Fei Sun

Fei Fei Sun has mesmerized audiences with her captivating gaze and versatile talent. From gracing the covers of leading fashion magazines to walking the runways of renowned designers, Sun has become a symbol of elegance and sophistication. She made history as the first Chinese model to appear on the cover of Vogue Italia, showcasing her immense influence on the industry.

Xiao Wen Ju

Xiao Wen Ju’s infectious energy and distinctive charm have captivated the fashion world. Known for her doll-like features and innate sense of style, she has walked for esteemed brands such as Louis Vuitton and Calvin Klein. Xiao Wen Ju effortlessly blends high fashion with her unique personality, earning her a dedicated following and widespread recognition.

Soo Joo Park

Soo Joo Park, a Korean-American model, has defied conventions with her edgy and unconventional beauty. With her striking platinum blonde hair and fierce presence, she has become a muse for renowned designers, including Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld. Park’s boundary-pushing approach to fashion has positioned her as an influential figure in the industry.

Fernanda Ly

Fernanda Ly’s vibrant pink hair and distinctive style have made her a standout figure in the modeling world. Born in Australia to Chinese parents, she challenges traditional beauty standards and brings a fresh perspective to the industry. Ly’s appearances on prestigious runways and in high-profile campaigns have solidified her as a symbol of individuality and self-expression.

Liu Yifei

Liu Yifei, also known as Crystal Liu, has achieved international acclaim as both a model and actress. Her ethereal beauty and timeless grace have graced the campaigns of luxury brands such as Dior and Tissot. Portraying the lead role in Disney’s live-action film “Mulan,” Liu Yifei has become a global inspiration for aspiring models and actors.

Du Juan

Du Juan’s impact on the fashion industry cannot be overstated. As the first Asian model to grace the cover of Vogue China, she has played a crucial role in redefining standards of beauty and representation. Du Juan’s grace and elegance have earned her prestigious campaigns with renowned brands and accolades for her pioneering contributions.

Naomi Chin Wing

Naomi Chin Wing, hailing from Hong Kong, has gained recognition for her striking features and fierce runway presence. Her powerful walk has made her a standout in the industry and a favorite among top designers.

Ming Xi

Ming Xi’s graceful demeanor and exquisite beauty have captured the hearts of audiences globally. She has walked for esteemed brands like Victoria’s Secret and Givenchy, becoming a recognizable face in the industry. Despite facing challenges, Ming Xi’s determination and professionalism have cemented her status as a respected and influential Asian model.

Ji Hye Park

Ji Hye Park’s mesmerizing features and versatility have garnered widespread acclaim in the fashion world. From walking for renowned fashion houses to gracing the pages of prestigious magazines, she consistently showcases her talent and unique style. Ji Hye Park’s ability to effortlessly transform into various looks has made her a favorite among designers and photographers.

Bhumika Arora

Bhumika Arora has been making waves in the fashion industry with her strong runway presence and versatility. As one of India’s most successful models, she has collaborated with renowned designers and graced the covers of prestigious magazines, showcasing her ability to effortlessly embody different styles and aesthetics.

Naomi Shimada

Naomi Shimada is not only a model but also a body positivity advocate and influencer. With her radiant smile and infectious energy, she challenges conventional beauty standards and emphasizes the importance of self-love and inclusivity. Shimada’s empowering message has resonated with audiences worldwide, making her an influential figure in the industry.

Hyun Ji Shin

Hyun Ji Shin’s ethereal beauty and delicate features have captivated audiences worldwide. With her ability to effortlessly embody both innocence and sophistication, she has become a favorite among designers and photographers. Shin’s presence on runways and in campaigns has solidified her status as a top Asian model.

Varsha Thapa

Varsha Thapa has broken barriers as one of Nepal’s first international models. Her striking features and strong runway presence have earned her opportunities to work with renowned designers and grace the pages of prestigious magazines. Thapa’s success has paved the way for aspiring Nepalese models, inspiring them to pursue their dreams in the industry.

Shu Pei

Shu Pei’s elegant beauty and versatility have made her a prominent figure in the modeling world. With her ability to effortlessly adapt to different styles and aesthetics, she has walked for esteemed designers and appeared in campaigns for top fashion brands. Shu Pei’s magnetic presence on the runway has solidified her status as a top Asian model.


The world of fashion owes much of its diversity and allure to the exceptional talent of Asian models. These 15 individuals have not only graced countless runways and campaigns but have also become powerful symbols of representation and inclusivity. With their extraordinary beauty, versatility, and undeniable talent, these Asian models have rightfully earned their place as the best in the world, leaving an indelible mark on the fashion landscape. Their contributions continue to inspire and pave the way for aspiring models, ensuring that the industry remains vibrant, diverse, and inclusive.