Who are the Happy Women?

One’s happiness is subjective, and we can’t demand happiness from someone because we all have different forms of happiness. We can’t compare ours to theirs. We have unique needs and wants. For most of us women, we can all agree that we are not hard to please. We only need simple things in life that make us happy and satisfied. 

We don’t need extraordinary things to define happiness. Those things others think are too shallow and tiny are great for us, like remembering our favorite food and books and giving us the affection we need. Those simple things are the things where we are the happiest. 

We can’t judge one woman for what makes her happy because we have a different standard than her. But we are looking for the actual definition of happiness in a Webster, Merriam dictionary, or any book. We can’t find it because true happiness is found from within. And here are some things that women can add as a habit to achieve the happiness we long for.  

  1. Women know who they are

When people know who they are and want, they can easily envision what they want and how to get it. They know how they lead their lives. They know the standard of love they want for themselves. Accepting and loving who they are is their priority. These women find joy in the habit they love to do, alone or with their friends. 

They are filled with happy and positive thoughts in their mind about themselves. It is how they tell people they are happy with who they are and love it. They are in love with themselves before they can give love to others. 

  1. Happy women would not allow negative thoughts to swallow them.

When we are filled with positive thoughts and surrounded by people who are good for us, negative thoughts can not consume us. So, a happy woman does not allow negative thoughts to ruin her day or plans because she chooses to be happy and alive. 

It does not mean she will not commit any mistakes or experience any negative thoughts, but a happy woman does not dwell on these thoughts that do not do good for her. She won’t let her mistakes define her and what she can do. She knows what she is doing and chooses to be happy instead of dwelling on the sadness that makes her unproductive. 

  1. She does not live up to the expectations of other people. 

You are getting married because your parents want you to do so. You are applying for a specific job because you want your parents to be proud of you, and you follow what they want. But these things are different from what you want. The question is, is that really what you want? If you say yes, continue doing that if it makes you happy. But take your time if you feel you have a different calling and must decide what you want to do. 

As women, we are not called only to follow what other people want us to do. We can decide what we want and be equal with society. A happy woman does not allow others to take over her life because of what they say and think about her. Happy women are confident and do not live by what other people are telling them how to live their lives and how they will act. 

Happy women respect other people’s opinions about them but let them know that who she is and what she wants is their decision. She can adjust, but she will not live her life for other people, but for herself. 

  1. Happy Women knows the definition of Work-Life Balance. 
happy women

Hardworking women who still give time to socialize with their friends know how to live their life. They are not stuck with hustling in life, but they know how to spend quality time with the people who matter to them. This work-life balance that a woman has will make her relax and appreciate life more than being consumed with everything she does in her life and work. 

She can spend time with their family and loved ones. Find time being in a happy relationship. Women understand how demanding work is, and this balance will help them ease the loads they have on their shoulders. It is a definition that she is having the best time of her life because of having this work-life balance.

  1. Happy women are honest.

Some women are afraid to tell people how they feel and what they want. They need to learn how to convey their emotions, leading to misunderstandings. But happy women know to go around explaining themselves in a situation. They are honest about what they want, and they are not afraid to seek help when they do not know what to do or need help. 

They can confidently say they need other people’s help because they know their limits. That is why they are not afraid to seek help and admit that they know little about a specific project or situation. Seeking help is not a sign of weakness but braveness. They take it as encouragement and learning instead of discouragement. It is an opportunity for them to grow and be out of their comfort zone. 

  1. Happy Women give compliments and help people. 

We all want to compliment, whether our loved ones or other people. We like to receive them because they boost our confidence. It also indicates that we are doing good in that aspect. And that is where women are good at, most delighted women. They are not afraid to tell someone a compliment and affirm them. Because she knows that she wants it for herself, too, if she is in their situation. Happy women know how to be empathetic and love helping by giving compliments. 

They will give you the best smile you need daily without saying anything. They will not hesitate to give you the help you need (if they can) and will give you the affirmation you need to boost your self-esteem. These women are happy and satisfied with who they are. They do not need anyone to tell them they need to be happy because they already feel inside them, which is overwhelming. That is why they share this happiness with other people. 

If you are in a situation today where you need to be uplifted that you are the woman you are meant to be, know yourself, and find the joy hidden in your heart for a long time. Once you already have it, it will not be taken from you because it is who you are.