Self-love: The Constant Need to Nurture Yourself

Self-love, me-time. Familiar words, right? These are favorite hashtags in some self-indulging IG-worthy posts, but realistically speaking, are you doing it for yourself or just for the “gram?”

Self-love is a crucial aspect of overall well-being and happiness, yet it is often overlooked and neglected. 

In a world filled with demands, deadlines, and expectations, it can be easy to forget the importance of taking care of ourselves. Nurturing oneself means more than just physical self-care; it goes beyond emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual well-being. 

To enjoy a balanced and fulfilling life, it is essential to make self-love a constant and consistent practice. This blog aims to explore the various ways in which you can nurture yourself by prioritizing and cultivating self-love.

How to nurture yourself: Where to start?

With all the hustle and bustle going on around you, you might not know where or how to start nurturing yourself. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Below are three main life aspects where you can start your self-love journey:

  1. Emotional self-care: Do you feel like you’re in an emotional rollercoaster everyday? Are you feeling burned out even before you’ve finished your first cup of coffee in the morning? You might need to give your emotions some much needed TLC. Start by managing your emotions by practicing mindfulness. Slow down and take a break when you start feeling overwhelmed. Seeking support from loved ones is always a good idea.  
  1. Physical self-care: Have you been feeling sluggish lately? Your physical health might need some extra love and attention. Try to be more active, be more mindful of what you eat, get enough sleep (enough with those binge watching until 2AM)!  The more you start taking good care of your body, the more you’ll feel good about yourself. If you’ve been over-caffeinating yourself for the past few days, try to drink more water so your body can rest from all that caffeine “buzz.” Let your body detoxify itself naturally, eat your greens and hydrate yourself! Your future self will thank you! 
  1. Mental self-care: Mental health matters! If you want to find work-life balance, you need to take a break from the “hustle and grind” mentality and give your mind some quiet time to relax. Engage in activities that stimulate and improve your mental health. Cultivate your hobbies or learn new skills. Explore creative pursuits such as painting, journaling, reading, or even writing!

10 Self-nurturing activities to try

We’ve made it easier for you to start your self-love journey by gathering ten best self-nurturing activities that you can try:

  1. Taking a relaxing bath: Oh, the wonders of a long, warm bath (or shower). After a long day, soaking in a warm bath with soothing essential oils or your favorite body wash can help wash away the stress and promote a good night’s sleep.
  1. Meditation: You don’t really have to be a yoga master to practice mindfulness and clear the mind through meditation. Practice deep breathing in times of stress; this can really help lower your anxiety and keep yourself at ease.
  1. Stay active: Engaging in physical activity has numerous health benefits, including reducing anxiety and enhancing your overall mood. Remember, exercising can release endorphins which are known to be “happy hormones.”
  1. Journaling: There’s just something so calming when you put down your thoughts in writing. This can help you process your emotions and provide clarity.
  1. Release your creative juices: Even if you don’t consider yourself to be on the artistic side, engaging in creative activities like painting, sketching, or playing an instrument can be a fun and therapeutic way to release your emotions.
  1. Spending time in nature: Take a walk or spend some time in green spaces and see how it can have a positive impact on your overall mood.
  1. Read a good book: Immersing yourself in a good book can provide a temporary escape from reality and improve focus.
  1. Spend time with your “constants”: Spending quality time with family and friends can reduce your stress, boost your mood, and allow you to see things from another perspective.
  1. Practice gratitude: Every day, focus on the things you are thankful for. This can help you look at life more positively and give you a better life perspective.
  1. Step out of your comfort zone: Trying new experiences can help you grow and develop as a person. It can increase self-confidence and make you discover strengths and talents you never knew existed.

Nurture Yourself: It’s a need, not a want

Cliche as it may sound, you can’t pour from an empty cup. If you want to be a productive person – mom, sister, wife, employee – you need to learn how to nurture yourself.

We all have our own ways of coping with the stress and anxieties in life. We have our own little sources of happiness. 

Know what makes you happy, what makes you fulfilled, what makes you whole – and make sure to fill yourself with that as much as you can.