Woman vs Women? The difference between WOMAN and WOMEN

In this era where technologies are everywhere, we often forget the proper usage of words and phrases. That is why there is miscommunication. Instead of telling them nicely how they look today, we deliver them wrongly because of the choice of words we say and how we say them. 

It is often where fights and misunderstanding starts. We don’t want to hurt someone intentionally, but because of the choice and usage of the words, we do it otherwise. And instead of fixing things, we add fuel to the fire instead of putting it off. No matter how you are, we always commit these mistakes. We are human, after all. 

It is like how most people are still confused about how to use ‘woman’ and ‘women”. Many of us, not only students, still have difficulty identifying these two words when using them in a sentence. We are often confused about the difference between these two. 

Amongst all of us, students are the most likely to get confused with these kinds of words. It is because they are still learning. Even though they know the meaning of these two, they are times that confusion will kick off in their brain. The English language is a bit confusing sometimes. Constructing sentences will be difficult because they need to be mindful of grammatical errors

Sometimes, it is not the subject that makes the students difficult to catch up, but it is how they are interested in the subject and how they feel they can get along with it. If they know how to use the words and other grammar usages, it will be easy for them to construct sentences and communicate. 

The usage of both women and women is simple. We only need to identify the plural and singular form of these words. In this article, we will help you identify the usage of these two words, which will help you communicate and construct sentences better. 

Woman VS. Women

They have the same meaning but are different in usage. First, let us identify what is ‘woman’ in the English language. A woman is a female individual human being. We can use this word if we are describing one female in a sentence. Now, the meaning of the word women. The word woman is the plural form of the word woman. It is used when we are describing a group of women. 

How to pronounce women and woman

Since we identified the difference between these two words, let us jump right in on how to pronounce them. It is easy to say these words. The woman is pronounced as /wo͝omən/, or we can pronounce it as /wo-man/ as it is. On the other hand, the women pronounce it as/wi ·muhn/ or /wi-min/ to simplify it. 

When we know how to pronounce it, we can also use them wisely in our day-to-day conversation with other people, not only in school or work. It will make the conversation smooth and understandable. 

How to use woman and women in a sentence

There are proper ways of using these words in a sentence. There are linking verbs use to make the sentence understandable and readable. If we are using a woman in a sentence, all forms must be in a singular form. For example, The first democratically- elected woman in Africa as head of state was Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. As you observed, we are talking about one person in the sentence, and we have used woman as a pronoun for our subject. 

On the other hand, if we are using the word women, we are referring to a group of females or different females in a sentence. Take this as an example, Catcalling for women is not allowed. We are using women in this sentence to represent all women of all ages. It does specify any person. But, it is addressing all women who have experienced catcalling. 

We always remember that if we use the word woman, the subject is one person/ female. While women it is more than one female or a group of different women. 

Aside from pronunciation, they also differ in spelling. It will be easy for the students to identify which one is plural and which is singular. Being good at English grammar takes many hours and patience in order to be good. We only need to remember that if we are determined in learning something, we can do it and even better with it. 

We don’t need to be perfect because no one is perfect, but the effort we put in to improve our communication and education is better than being arrogant without knowing anything. The hunger for learning and discovering new things will help us grow. That is what we need to embody, not for the students but for the parents and guardians that will help the next generation to achieve all their goals.

Learning is not gender based. In today’s generation, we are all equal in many ways, and getting new knowledge is not bound by gender. Women have the same equal rights as men and girls and boys. Adding new things to our life is much more fun than staying with what we already know. 

We need to explore what words, language, and other things to apply to ourselves. Knowing the difference between the two is like knowing who we are in society. We all exist in one world, and we differ in functions, but we all are capable of doing something. We should not limit ourselves to the things we see, but explore how we like to explore the English language. Gagging from one word to another. 

Let us not stop learning. Woman and Women are only a few words of many that we can start learning as students. There are still many more words that will help you enhance your brain and vocabulary. Keep on learning. Widen your vocabulary and excel in all the things you want to do in your life, not as a student but as a future leader of society.